Modules for VCV Rack

Oxidlab yet solely supports modules for VCV Rack. VCV Rack is a virtual Eurorack Modular System.
Find all details about VCV Rack on their website

Entferner – filter package

Entferner (German for “Remover”) is a series of unique filters for VCV Rack. Included are three colorful low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass filters. Do not expect surgical filters, as the Entferner filters are mainly modeled for sound generation.

Included in the package is the right side of a two-part baseplate. When placed right beside each other, the plates match up perfectly.

Entferner L

Low-Pass Filter

Entferner B

Band-Pass Filter

Entferner H

High-Pass Filter

Entferner Baseplate R


Note: The Entferner filter package is sold via the VCV Rack library.

Entferner LE – filter free!

The Entferner LE (light edition) is a mono, resonant, and self-oscillating 12dB low pass filter for VCV Rack. It is a simplified but more aggressive sounding version of the Entferner L module, and it is the best option to check out the distinctive sound of the Entferner filter modules.

Included in the package is the left side of a two-part baseplate, which matches up perfectly to the baseplate included in the commercial Entferner package.

Entferner LE

Low-Pass Filter

Entferner Baseplate L


Note: The Entferner LE package is available via the VCV Rack library.